Version 1.8.2

Released: 27 Aug 2019

In this release we've added Jira 8.3.1 compatibility and a bug fix.


  • PIVOT-394 - Fixed Time Tracking unit to work correctly  
  • PIVOT-398 - Added compatibility with Jira 8.3.1

Version 1.8.1 

Released: 22 May 2019

In this release we've added some bug fixes.


  • PIVOT-372 - Fixed Dimension drop zone to work with scroll
  • PIVOT-375 - Fixed Pivot to work with Jira 8in case TGE is not installed)
  • PIVOT-377 - Fixed export on Jira 8.1

Version 1.8.0 

Released: 23 April 2019

In this release we've added compatibility with Jira 8.

Version 1.7.0 - More dimensions

Released: 11 December 2016

This release addresses one of the most requested features

  • the support of any arbitrary string as dimension
  • Support cascading fields


  • PIVOT-263 - Pivot gadget does not work on System Dashboard
  • PIVOT-289 - Cascade select is shown in Dimensions list on Jira 7
  • PIVOT-322 - Tempo fields are displayed strangely in the pivot
  • PIVOT-324 - Duplicate userprefs are stored
  • PIVOT-270 - To much white space for the value columns, not enough for the row label columns

New Feature

  • PIVOT-327 - Allow to create dimensions from string customfields
  • PIVOT-205 - Support for cascading fields
  • PIVOT-247 - Add all TGE columns of type 'string' as dimensions to the pivot
  • PIVOT-331 - Support "Stattable Searchers" add-on
  • PIVOT-333 - Add text custom field dimension

Version 1.6.0 - Excel Export 

Released: 11 July 2016

This release is adding excel exporting capabilities to the pivot table gadget.  Now you can create snapshots of your JIRA data and use the advanced excel capabilities to analyse the information it contains.    Just select 'Export to Excel' in the gadget menu.

The labels dimension

Now you can report about any measure over labels.  For instance we use labels to classify stories around certain themes.  
The pivot provides us a tally how much work we estimated for each theme.

Avg, Min and Max

Next to sum and count, the pivot gadget provides now an average.  Want to see the trend of time spent on bugs per version ? 
Use the average measure

Data Center compatible

The pivot table gadget can now also used with the data center version of JIRA.

Bugs Fixed


  • PIVOT-150 - Draw horizontal scrollbar when columns are not readable
  • PIVOT-184 - Ignite UI bug: empty string value => aggregation doesn't take the 1st dim into account
  • PIVOT-187 - Totals don't add up
  • PIVOT-293 - Linkification does not work for Assignee dimension if issue is not assigned
  • PIVOT-296 - Datetime custom field dimension is resolved incorrectly in the Search JQL
  • PIVOT-306 - Count aggregation by new custom field shows wrong statistics
  • PIVOT-307 - Count and Sum Aggregations are not linkified properly
  • PIVOT-313 - Worklog dimension throws exception in some setups


  • PIVOT-113 - As a user, I want to export the pivot such I can use excel for further analysis
  • PIVOT-266 - Labels dimension
  • PIVOT-288 - Add 'Average', 'Min' and 'Max' aggregations
  • PIVOT-291 - Compatibility with JIRA 7.1
  • PIVOT-295 - Pivot table datacenter compatibility
  • PIVOT-294 - Allow to Aggregate by Interval Custom Field of Kepler-Rominfo

Version 1.5.0 - JIRA 7 compatibility

released: 20 January 2016

The Pivot Gadget 1.5.0 is incompatible with The table grid editor version 1.18.0 - please upgrade the table grid editor add-on to 1.18.1 in case you use both add-ons


  • PIVOT-227 - Progress bar behaviour
  • PIVOT-243 - Config: selected TGE grid G2 => dimensions and aggregations from TGE grid G1 should be removed
  • PIVOT-246 - Pivot rows/columns/measures config not persisted
  • PIVOT-261 - Parent summary is missing from parent dimension
  • PIVOT-262 - Row heading collapses to minimum
  • PIVOT-267 - Horizontal scrollbar not appearing consequently
  • PIVOT-268 - Dates are not sorted correctly
  • PIVOT-271 - Issues with multiple options of MultiSelect selected are handled incorrectly
  • PIVOT-277 - Pivot gadget works unexpectedly with userlist column from TGE
  • PIVOT-280 - Changing the granularity of date removes date from pivot rows
  • PIVOT-283 - Progress bar is not shown on Jira 7
  • PIVOT-284 - Components and fix versions from hidden projects are shown in JQL


  • PIVOT-264 - JIRA 7 compatibility


  • PIVOT-226 - Aggregation must take into account field configuration
  • PIVOT-269 - Add due date as a dimension
  • PIVOT-265 - Add Component dimension

Version 1.4.1

Released on Apr 15, 2015

(v1.4.0 was not made available on the marketplace)

Major focus in this release was about sharing pivot gadget with other users and ensuring that 
the layout is respected. 

New Feature

  • PIVOT-110 - Add parent dimension
  • PIVOT-182 - Sharing a dashboard is not sharing the pivot table layout
  • PIVOT-216 - Populate dimensions and aggregations with columns from selected TGE


  • PIVOT-194 - issue summary and label dimension
  • PIVOT-245 - support for table grid editor dates


  • PIVOT-251 - An internal server error occurred when requesting resource - when using the pivot with TGE v1.14.2
  • PIVOT-254 - Manipulations with TGE break Pivot Table
  • PIVOT-256 - Time aggregation does not work in standalone Jira
  • PIVOT-257 - Unknown aggregation for previous configuration of pivot breaks the gadget
  • PIVOT-258 - Wrong layout of drill-down date headers in pivot

Version 1.3.0

Released on Mar 5, 2015

In this release we introduce the integration with the table grid editor.
Create pivot reports on the data collected in grid tables.  

Requires Table Grid Editor v1.14.4 or higher

Version 1.2.0

Released on Feb 5, 2015

In this release we introduce worklog dimensions.  Include the worklogs in your pivots to drill down on 
individual time logs. 

When querying large datasets, users will have to wait a bit before the data is ready to be rendered.
A progress bar will display 

  • Bug
    • PIVOT-206 - There is double border in the right side of gadget
    • PIVOT-207 - Gadget edit mode: not possible to remove selected "Project or Saved Filter"
  • Improvement
    • PIVOT-189 - Reformat pivot gadget in case of an empty column configuration
    • PIVOT-204 - No visual clue when pivot data calculation is taking long time
  • New Feature
    • PIVOT-198 - Add worklog author dimension
    • PIVOT-199 - Add worklogdate dimension

Version 1.1.0

Released on 20 jan 2015

  • [PIVOT-157 - Epic Name and Label Dimension
  • [PIVOT-192 - Use issue key as dimension

Version 1.0.0

Initial release

  • No labels