When you purchase a license or use the free trial, you get a standard support contract for the duration of that license or trial. 
This support includes e-mail assistance, forum-based support and free upgrades and is delivered on a best-effort basis. 

Check out our service level agreement for more details what we are covering.

Consult our JIRA project

The support portal can be accessed at

Check for details how we use JIRA and Service desk in The Support Workflow


Get answers on the atlassian answers site

Ask a question on the atlassian answers site

Email Support

Support email - support.tge@idalko.com

With e-mail assistance, we endeavour to respond within one business day, but we are usually able to respond much earlier.
This emails will be picked up by our JIRA and create a support call issue which is only viewable for you and us.
If you don't have an account yet, you will receive an additional mail with your login details.

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