The pivot gadget can be added to a dashboard like any other JIRA gadget, as documented on the atlassian site

Click 'Add gadget' to select the pivot

Locate the pivot gadget entry in the gadget directory

And add it to the dashboard

Configure the dimensions and aggregations

Click save when ready to bring up the pivot gadget.


Dimensions are any field which are enumerable such as 'Fix Version', 'Issue Type', 'Priority', custom fields such as 
select lists, radio buttons, user pickers, ... and dates 'created', 'updated', ...


Aggregations are any numerical values such as time tracking information and any custom fields
that can be summed (such as numbers and such).

Timetracking information

Time tracking information is collected in different ways

  • For any issue - original estimate, remaining estimate, time spent
  • For all subtasks of an issue - the sum of the timetracking information
    (sum original estimate, sum remaining estimate, sum time spent)
  • The combination of the issue timetracking information and the sum of the subtasks is accumulated

Timetracking unit

The timetracking unit is used to select the unit to display timetracking information.

Date granularity

The date granularity allows to limit the date granularity allows to specify how dates
should be segmented (by month, quarter, month) 

Next step Use the pivot gadget

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