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Price (USD)

10 users


25 users


50 users


100 users


250 users$625

500 users


2000 users


10000 users


10000+ users



License terms

  • License is perpetual — no expiration date.
  • License includes 1 year of maintenance subscription, which entitles you to free upgrades (you are able to use any version of the product that is released prior to maintenance expiration date). Maintenance renewal is optional and costs 50% of the base license price per year
  • We provide email-based support to all of our users regardless of their license and maintenance subscription status.

The license is sold under End-User License Agreement (v1.1). We cannot accept purchase orders with any additional Terms and Conditions. 



iDalko is bound to collect and keep information about its customers to maintain an account and information about the license status. However iDalko will not share your information with third parties.