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The table grid editor documentation has moved to Table Grid Editor for Jira Server Documentation.

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The Table Grid Reader is a custom field provided by Table Grid Editor add-on allowing to display results of an arbitrary SQL query as a grid in the context of an ssue.

You can use it to:

  • create custom report view based on internal JIRA data: worklogs of your team, remaining estimate of the current sprint, previous assignees etc.
  • load data related to the current issue from external database using Table Grid Editor Data Sources
  • show other issues linked using values of the custom fields of the current issue


  • View data from internal JIRA database
  • View data in an external database table
  • Supports JIRA formatting
  • Connectivity to different types of databases
  • Provides context based placeholders for queries

How to create a Table Grid Reader

  • Head over to 'Custom Fields'
  • Add a new custom field of type 'Table Grid Reader'
  • Access the default value of the newly created connected grid
  • Adapt the properties to your needs


Check the list of grid properties applicable for a table grid reader: Table Grid Reader property index


Using the table grid reader you can implement following use cases on top of JIRA

Local divisions
As support agent you have to consult people from different countries. Each country has a couple local divisions where you can direct users.

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