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Everyone uses the Table Grid Editor for Cloud plugin up to the own needs. 

This page provides answers for frequently asked questions on the usage and configuration of the Table Grid Editor for Cloud.

 Q: How to install the Table Grid Editor for Jira Cloud?

 Q: What licensing do you have?

 Q: Can I extend my free trial license?

 Q: What column types does the grid support?

 Q: Can I import data from the existing file?

 Q: It is possible to filter data inside a table?

Based on the improvement suggestions and our own ideas, here you can see the list of features we plan to develop. 

Features Roadmap 

  • Static data finalization: you can add static data into the grid while creating
  • Import data from files: CSV, excel
  • Export to CSV: export set of issues
  • Formulas on the row level
  • Integration into Confluence
  • Integration with external services for initializing grids and lists
  • Operation grid access
  • Dynamic grids
  • Shared grids
  • Grids storage: possibility to put all data in a database or web service
  • Integration with external databases (SQL) for initializing grids and lists
  • Search in grids
  • Server compatibility

Didn't find a feature you need? Suggest an improvement.